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Workout of the Month - "The Centurion #1"

Here are the vital statistics: I am 5'-10", 165lbs, and 54 years old.  Now you know what you are competing with! 

The secret to maintaining youthful strength, energy, and mobility is exercise.  I challenge you to get with the program.  I challenge you to do something more valuable with your time than watching TV.  I challenge you to eat better, get enough sleep, reduce your stress, and make your health a priority.

I did the following workout using only one 35 lb kettlebell.  Of course, if you are stronger or not as strong, younger or not as young, then vary the weight to fit your abilities.  Two ladies at the club did this same workout with an 18 lb kettlebell.

This workout is based on doing sets of 100 reps. Choose a weight that you can press at least 7 times. Use this weight for all reps. We did about 10 minutes of mobility work and then started:

1 set of single KB Rows 5 reps each side

1 set of single KB Lying Presses 5 reps each side

1 set of single Sumo Deadlifts 10 reps (stand between each rep)

1 set of single KB Military Presses 5 reps each side

1 set of single KB, 1-Hand Swings 10 reps each side

1 set of single KB Cleans 10 reps each side

1 set of single KB Snatches 10 reps each side

The object of this workout is to do as many sets as you can in the allotted time period. I did 8 sets in 40 minutes. Between each set we did a couple of bodyweight mobility drills (up and downs). Note that if you do 7 sets with a 35 lb kettlebell, you will do:

700 x 35 lbs = 24,500 lbs of work.

Get to work!


If you use a heavier weight and rest more this can be an excellent strength workout. Using a lighter weight and minimizing the rest period will give you workout that emphasizes cardio.



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