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Kettlebell Workshops

The Kettlebell Club Announces March 30th Level 1 Kettlebell Workshop
Interested in learning more about kettlebells? Want to get started with this awesome fitness tool? Need some kettlebell pros to take a look at your technique?

The Level 1 Kettlebell Workshop is for you!

Jay Armstrong and David Cogswell are teaming up again to bring you the very best in kettlebell instruction. We will cover the essential techniques for safety and maximum performance in the following lifts:

  • The Swing
  • The Clean
  • The Press
  • The Snatch
  • The Getup

Sign up early! Many of our previous workshops have sold out weeks in advance.

More Info about the Level 1 Kettlebell Workshop...

Workshop Showcase

Workshops at The Kettlebell Club / The Movement Pro
At The Kettlebell Club, we bring decades of experience in Tae Kwon Do, Kettlebell Training, Mobility Training, Functional Movement Testing, and Z-Health Skills together to help you be the pain-free exceptional athlete you always dreamed you could be.

Check back here often to see what workshops are on the calendar for The Kettlebell Club / The Movement Pro.

  • Mobility Training
  • Kettlebell Safety
  • The Dead Lift/Box Squat
  • The Swing One/Two Arm
  • The Clean and Press
  • The Snatch
  • Troubleshooting your form
  • Workout Fundamentals

Student Testimonials

Debbie Kennedy Kettlebells get a two thumbs up from me for acheiving weight loss, increasing physical strength and an overall feeling of well being. Read More

David Schlehuber
I travel a lot, so when I discovered kettlebells it was the best thing that happened to me.

Mary E Jacobs I started Kettlebell class in May 2007, I have been a gym rat for years and in just two months of classes with Jay I have seen a big difference in my body and balance which I never achieved at the gym.

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