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Physical Dysfunction in 2010

Why can't you make significant progress toward a strong, mobile, and healthy body by exercising 3 hours per week? We are creating a generation of hunched over, rounded shoulder, upward looking, mouse-holding computer users!

Tight hip flexors are an inevitable by-product of sitting for long periods of time. While standing and walking maintain a straight line through the body and the upper leg (or thigh), the seated position creates an angle at the hip. Over time, the body adapts to this position and shortens the length of the hip flexors muscle group. Then, when we try to stand and walk, it is difficult or impossible to completely straighten up. Some of these hip flexor muscles (the psoas) connect to the vertebrae in the lower back. Could this be the primary cause of the epidemic of lower back problems in America?

But the problems do not end there !

Sitting at a computer for hours on end rounds the shoulders forward, collapses the chest, and immobilizes the upper back (or thoracic spine). Once again, the body, being a wonderfully adaptive creation, begins to change over time to make this position the preferred or default position. So that when we stand up we cannot take the excessive curve out of our thoracic spine, open our chest, or move our shoulders into the normal, healthy position.

What is the answer? Spend less time at the computer. Okay, so that is not practical. So, here are couple of things that will help.

Change: Take frequent breaks from your computer work. Stand up, take deep breaths and walk around.

Kettlebell Swings: Swinging a kettlebell can help open up the hip flexors by requiring the athlete to drive the hips forward and stand erect. The body adapts more rapidly when movements are performed under load. Therefore, a few hours of kettlebell practice each week can make a significant difference in maintaining normal range of motion of the hip flexor muscle group.

Getups: The Turkish Getup is a full body exercise that helps the athlete maintain or regain shoulder and thoracic mobility. Practice this wonderful exercise with no weight or with a light weight until the spine and shoulders regain the requisite range of motion. Then increase the weight for a truly, practical strength developing exercise.


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